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Heritage Swag

HERITAGE King Single swag - 900 mm x 2050 mm

This Heritage king single swag is our deluxe swag, featuring a leather strap and handle set. It is made of heavy-weight rip stop canvas in mocha brown. It holds a premium grade 50mm mattress. The swag is sealed with velcro. The design of the swag has a personal pocket with short flap on one side. The other side has a large flap that comes over to seal with velcro. There is a pocket at the bottom to slide your mattress in and also means your blankets won't slip out. At the top of the swag is a flap that comes out past your pillow. It features eyelets in each corner. We can stencil your name on the swag.

Remember!!! Overseer swags use extra long premium grade mattresses.