6 Custom Made Saddles For Christmas

18th Dec 2017

The Overseer Team has delivered again. They have just completed six new custom designed Overseer Saddles for Christmas presents. The Saddles are heading to their new owners in Holbrook, Armidale, two for Nevertire and two for Guyra.... more details

Guyra Pony Club Raffle

4th Dec 2017

Overseer Saddlery would like to thank the Guyra Pony Club for purchasing an Overseer Junior Stock saddle. The Guyra Pony Club has purchased an Overseer Saddle to raffle at their upcoming Zone 13 Jamboree on 12-14 January 2018 at the Guyra showground... more details

Overseer Saddle Reserge

20th Nov 2017

Once your saddle serge is worn out, we can reserge your saddle. A reserge replaces the woollen serge underneath your saddle. Please click the photos below to read about the process. For more information read our saddle care sheet. Happy R... more details

WW1 Military Saddle Restoration

7th Nov 2017

This week Jason has restored a WWI Military saddle for a local client. The restoration included new saddle felts and maintaining its original leathers where possible plus replacing broken straps. The client will keep riding in the saddle, but vows to... more details

Leather Buying Trip

23rd Oct 2017

Jason and Naomi have just made a trip to Brisbane and Toowoomba selecting a large range of leathers for the saddlery. As you can see it was a successful trip with the car overflowing. We found a lot of new and interested products, plus a good selec... more details

Australian Stock Saddle Museum Saddle Stands

19th Oct 2017

This week at the Overseer Saddlery, we have been commissioned by Michael Drapac to build 10 beautiful 4-tier saddle stands on castors for the Australian Stock Saddle Museum in Romsey, Melbourne. Jason and Naomi sealed the computer-shaped Western Red ... more details

Saddle Care

13th Oct 2017

Cleaning your saddle doesn’t have to be a long and disliked job. In fact, it will assure good re-sale value. Saddles are pre-oiled before purchase and dirt will accumulate over a period of time.  FIRST: Clean all brass areas with brasso. ... more details

Overseer Saddle Trees

11th Oct 2017

All Overseer saddles are built on a laminated wood and steel tree. These saddle trees provide a solid and well-structured foundation. Here at The Overseer Saddlery we choose wood and steel saddle trees because they have diagonal flexibility, allowing... more details

The Next Generation

21st Sep 2017

Jack Simmons, who is about to join The Overseer team, is showing his skills already. Jack is pictured in these photos constructing an Artisan Saddle Stand for his Design and Technology HSC major work. Jack was commissioned to create a rare piece for ... more details

Indian Saddle Rip-Off

15th Sep 2017

Where is your gear from? Is it safe? Michael Drapac, an Australian businessman who is building an Australian Stock Saddle Museum in Romsey, Melbourne is pursuing fraudulent practices in the Saddle making industry. Michael is funding a federal court ... more details


14th Sep 2017

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Fender Counter Lined to New Zealand

9th Jun 2017

We finished these two custom made saddles today, heading out to their new owners. Both Saddles are "The Overseer Fender - Counter Lined" One to Rockhampton and the other New Zealand.... more details

Headed to the Simpson Desert

8th Jun 2017

Four of these double swag bags are for the one family. Each member of the family has a swag bag for their belongings, canvas swag, plus their clothing. They chose four different colours to identify the family member. They will all pack their own bags... more details

Girth Set Up

16th Mar 2017

Snapped this shot to show customers where we would like them to position their girth on the flap. Any lower and you will pinch the horse. Much higher and you will feel the buckles under the top flap.... more details

Interesting Soil Facts

13th Mar 2017

Some interesting facts and figures!  There are lots of animals out there starving with a full bell Many ailments we see in our livestock are simple mineral deficiencies Half the breeding is in the feeding 85% of farm decisions are made... more details


13th Mar 2017

Q: How do I clean my Overseer saddle? Please read our Saddle Care article. Q: Can I take my saddle overseas and then back to Australia? Clients who travel overseas with their saddles are worried about the saddle passing custom checks and quarantin... more details