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How To

Professional Woollen Serge & Felt Cleaning

31st August 2018
Your Woollen Serge and felts under your saddle are a very important part of your saddle and require checking on a regular basis. Here at the Overseer Saddlery we offer a professional cleaning service of your Serge or felts. Before your saddle needs these parts replacing (reserge) we can prolong its ... read more

Saddle Repair - Rats Eaten Saddle

22nd August 2018
Some rats have been up to mischief. This is a costly repair for our client.Unfortunately, the proud owner of this beautiful Overseer saddle made a mistake by using a raw animal fat dressing over the saddle, which only attracts rodents. There is a trend to use peanut oil, olive oil or even petroleum ... read more

Saddle Care

13th October 2017
Cleaning your saddle doesn’t have to be a long and disliked job. In fact, it will assure good re-sale value. Saddles are pre-oiled before purchase and dirt will accumulate over a period of time.  FIRST: Clean all brass areas with brasso. SECOND: Wash your saddle with warm water and glyc ... read more

Girth Set Up

16th March 2017
Snapped this shot to show customers where we would like them to position their girth on the flap. Any lower and you will pinch the horse. Much higher and you will feel the buckles under the top flap. ... read more