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Saddle Repair - Rats Eaten Saddle

22nd August 2018

Some rats have been up to mischief. This is a costly repair for our client.

Unfortunately, the proud owner of this beautiful Overseer saddle made a mistake by using a raw animal fat dressing over the saddle, which only attracts rodents. There is a trend to use peanut oil, olive oil or even petroleum blended products. DO NOT get caught up in this trend because these oils oxidise and turn rancid. Also, heavy, greasy creams applied to the surface of your saddle only attract dirt and dust, which acts like sandpaper and quickly wears your saddle out.

We only recommend using Overseer Pure Neatsfoot oil, because it nourishes the fibres of the leather and doesn’t leave a greasy finish. Overseer Pure Neatsfoot oil is a natural product and has been used for hundreds of years. Overseer Pure Neatsfoot oil does not rot poly cotton threads used in the saddlery industry today. See more details in our Saddle Care Article.

Contact Us for repair work or buy a Saddle Care Kit.

You can see by the before and after pictures that Jason was able to repair the damage. The rats haven’t completely penetrated through the layer of leather, which allowed us to repair the surface of the saddle rather than replace saddle parts. Although costly, it could have been worse.