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Latest Products

PVC Livestock Trailer Cover

9th November 2023
The Overseer team designed and manufactured a PVC cover for this Livestock trailer. Thank you to Tim & Briony from ‘Double L Livestock services’ for their loyal support. Tim chose bright Red so his trailer stood out. A functional cover and easy to remove, providing shade, wind resist ... read more

Polocrosse and Campdraft Saddles

21st September 2023
The saddle production line continues. Jason has finished another four Overseer Fender saddles this week, both counter lined and felt lined. All four saddles are heading to repeat buyers. All are lady riders and in the sports of Polocrosse and Campdrafting. Two of these saddles are heading to Western ... read more

700th Swag

25th August 2023
Celebrating 700 SWAGS !!!! What a way to finish the week. Naomi has manufactured another 10 Overseer Swags this week to reach number 700. We have a full showroom of every design and colour for immediate dispatch. If you would like your swag stencilled with your name, call or email Naomi today. The ... read more

Generator Covers and Air Compressor Covers

18th May 2023
Matt is a new client who came out to the saddlery for protective covers for his Generator and Air Compressor, as a fencing contractor he had both items on his work ute and we were able to measure them for size and listened to his requirements and choice of colour. Together we designed his covers th ... read more

Latest Custom Made Products

8th March 2023
Word really gets around when you custom make products, so when clients can’t find what they need for that special project  they call us to manufacture it. Here at the Overseer Saddlery we are constantly manufacturing products for clients special needs. We can also adapt our existing produ ... read more

Putting Down the Tools 2022

16th December 2022
What a wonderful way to finish saddle making for 2022. The last two saddles have been completed and heading out the door. A 16 inch Heritage Saddle being the ultimate of our saddle collection and the last to be completed. Jason & Naomi have now finished manufacturing all orders and will be in t ... read more

Extended Gun Bag Range

14th November 2022
The Gun Bag range was started as clients asked for custom made products. Due to popular demand the Gun Bag range has grown. Clients can choose their own colours to make their own signature products. Our range also includes shooting mats, two bolt wallets. For all your custom made needs call The Ove ... read more

Christmas Stocking Fillers

11th November 2022
The Overseer Team have produced two new product lines just in time for Christmas stocking fillers. The new look Canvas toiletry bag comes in 4 colours, just ask and we can stencil your initials on the bag. Has matching larger gear bags. Canvas Toiletry Bag “New Buck Belt” is a modern ... read more

The Overseer Pack Saddles

26th August 2022
The popularity continues with our extensive range of Pack saddle equipment. Over the last months ‘The Overseer Team’ has put together 6 x Pack Saddles Packages, plus extra Pack Saddle Bags, Double Saddle Bags and all associated equipment. These packs are going to recreational users; the ... read more

Australian Saddles to The Republic of IRELAND

9th June 2022
During the last 12 months we have had invigorated interest from several overseas countries to build custom made saddles. Last month we are very proud to say we sent 2 custom made Overseer Fender Saddles to Ireland. These saddles were purchased by ‘Silverpines Equine’ who both play polocr ... read more

Get a Swag to Match your Ute

26th May 2022
Always working with our clients. Here is a new colour swag to match with the Sandy Taupe 79 series cruisers. If you need us to match in with your colour preferences or vehicles get in touch. King Single Swag ... read more

Heritage Leather Bags

3rd May 2022
Naomi has spent last week in a creative mood manufacturing beautiful Artisan Leather bags for the showroom shelves.  Jason & Naomi selected one off hides on a recent leather trip. Some of these hides have created the Bags shown in the photos. Naomi has made the bags in matching sets, but a ... read more

New Felt Girths

13th April 2022
The Newly designed FELT Girth Range is Unique to The Overseer Saddlery and manufactured here at our factory. Newly acquired products have been combined to produce a GIRTH range that distributes the weight over a larger area. Made from pure wool felt and Leather combination the three new Felt Girth s ... read more

600 Australian Made Swags

17th March 2022
Naomi has proudly stitched her way to 600 swags this week. Each swag is individually numbered before its sent out on its  journey to accompany its new owner and make them great memories. Overseer Swags are posted to all states of Australia and even to international clients. Since our relaunch o ... read more

Redesigned Girth Range

14th March 2022
We are continuing our product redesigning. This month we are focusing on our GIRTH RANGE. We have dropped some girths from our range to make way for some new designs. At the time of this newsletter we have 5 new designs manufactured and on the shelves. We intend to have more designs very soon.  ... read more

Saddles for Christmas 2021

14th December 2021
Saturday morning we had two polocrosse players travel to Armidale to collect their new custom made saddles.  Chrissy from Geurie and 12 year old Addison from Jeir NSW.  It was great to see our clients and their excitement seeing their new saddles. Thank you for travelling. ============= ... read more

The New Look Overseer Pack Saddle

26th November 2021
From 2020 The Overseer Pack Saddle range has been very popular as many clients are holidaying in the bush. Our traditional pack saddle has had a makeover. We have made a fabricated Stainless Steel frame, Felt Lined Panels and a new girthing system. All to make the Pack Saddle more user friendly. The ... read more

Personalised Christmas Gifts

25th November 2021
For the Team at The Overseer Saddlery it is so satisfying meeting customer’s needs. We have the products and knowledge to design and personalise Christmas gifts for your whole family. Here are some snap shots of last week’s work, where Naomi & Yasmin designed her three boys their Ch ... read more

Armidale Golf Club Trophies 2021

2nd November 2021
The Ladies of the Armidale Golf Club approached “The Overseer Saddlery” to design and implement the making of some unique trophies for their major annual tournament “The Armidale Ladies Jug” held this Sunday 7th November in Armidale.  Together we designed these trophy b ... read more

Introducing The Overseer YOUTH Stock Saddle

10th September 2021
The Overseer Team is proud to launch for Spring “ The Overseer YOUTH Saddle” in our line-up. The Youth saddle is designed to cater for those kids that are between a junior saddle and an adults saddle. For parents purchasing saddles for their children it’s hard to find a saddle to ... read more

Australian Made Leather Bags

6th September 2021
“Abracadabra” Naomi rolls out the leather hides, adds some creativity and a beautiful Heritage barrel bag is made !!!! View the Heritage Bag Range here. ... read more

Saddle Cloth with Leather Pad

4th August 2021
The Overseer Saddle cloths with Leather Pad have been recently added to our extensive range of products. The design team at The Overseer Saddlery creating another new product to complement their range of high end products.  The Overseer’s excellence in high quality manufacturing is match ... read more

Customer Loyalty

8th July 2021
We would like to thank our loyal customers for continually recommending The Overseer Saddlery. Word of mouth is a huge component of our daily business. We do our upmost to have happy customers with products that suit their needs. Personalising products is what our business is built on.  This o ... read more

Shooting Mats and Gun Bags

1st July 2021
Over the last couple of years we have developed a range of Shooting mats and Gun Bags for our Outdoor adventure product range. With the support of members of the “Armidale Rifle Club” we have customised shooting mats and gun bags. In the customising of the shooting mats, the members hav ... read more

Custom Bags for Birthday Gift

24th June 2021
We just love it when the customers come to the Saddlery and together we create a beautiful gift for a very special event in their lives. These two bags will be a 18th Birthday gift for a lucky young man. We loved the combination so much we made it for the showroom as well.   By vis ... read more

Restocking Water Bottle and Quart Pot Holders

30th April 2021
Another batch of Water bottle & Holders are ready for the showroom. We have four bright colour bottles to choose from and the holders are made nearside or offside. The heritage holders have a brass plate for engraving your name. All engraving is done here at The Overseer Saddlery, a perfect pers ... read more

Swag Bag

31st March 2021
The Overseer Swag bag is a perfect addition to your swag purchase. The Swag bag is made from heavy-weight PVC in assorted colours. Made in two sizes, King Single Swag Bag or Double Swag Bag. It easily fits your swag including your bedding. The bag has handles in the middle to carry or loop handles a ... read more

Stockman Swag

26th March 2021
The Overseer Stockman Swag has just had a design change. It’s designed to be a traditional Australian bush swag. A roomy design with large flaps of canvas that can be used in two applications, open and airy in hot conditions or sealed together to sleep snug with press studs. Made from heavy w ... read more

Pack Saddle Swag

4th March 2021
Today we are proud to launch another new product design the “Pack Saddle SWAG” . This swag was designed by Naomi and Erica Jessup specifically for her clients at “River Horse Training and Trekking” and then we added it to our extensive swag range. River Horse Training and Tr ... read more

Introducing the 2021 Overseer SWAG Range

26th February 2021
The Overseer SWAGS have been relaunched for 2021 with the design team at The Overseer Saddlery creating an extraordinary new range of swags.  The Overseer’s excellence in high quality manufacturing is matched only by the high quality materials chosen and sourced. Our signature swag desig ... read more

2 More Australian Stock Saddles

1st December 2020
Jason has just completed another two beautiful Australian stock saddles. It shows tradition isn’t lost with 6 of the last 10 saddles built, being traditional Australian Stock Saddles. With modern techniques and the understanding of posture and weight distribution, Jason can customise an Overse ... read more

Custom Made Australian Saddles

29th October 2020
Jason has just finished six custom made Overseer Saddles this week to go to clients across Australia. Well in time for Christmas! ... read more

New Products at The Overseer

18th September 2020
Always innovating at The Overseer Saddlery, here are some new products we have added to our extensive range. Serving Hobble UHF Radio & Phone Vest Pack Saddle Bag Inserts Heritage Barrel Bag ... read more

Custom Made Pack Saddle for Dog Trapping

17th September 2020
Hunter Valley dog trapper Erica was recently fitted out with a new Overseer Pack Saddle and double saddle bags for her trapping business. Erica and Jason together discussed and designed custom made products to go with her pack saddle to accommodate her tools of the trade. The Overseer Saddlery cust ... read more

Innovation at The Overseer

16th June 2020
Here are 4 new products we have introduces to The Overseer lineup. The squat bag was a request from a customer to make stowing ropes easier, the vest was for our son. We are always listening and making products to make your lives easier, safer, and more comfortable. All these products are now on sa ... read more

Custom Machinery Covers

28th April 2020
Naomi & Jason spent last Friday making 2 covers for a KANGA trench digger owner by Armidale Pumps & Irrigation. The PVC cover was custom made to fit the machines whilst on the trailer or in the yard. We also custom make covers for firefighting pumps, generators and all sorts of machinery. Contact u ... read more

Armidale Golf Club Trophies

30th October 2019
  The Ladies of the Armidale Golf Club approached “The Overseer Saddlery” to design and implement the making of some unique trophies for their major annual tournament “The Armidale Ladies Jug” held this Sunday 3rd November in Armidale.   Together we designed these trophy b ... read more

Outback Swag to Western Australia

27th September 2019
The best advertising for us is when clients show off their Overseer products. A client of ours took their new Outback PVC based Swag all the way to W.A. So his friend rang and organised two matching Swags to be made and sent over. Both swags were Olive Canvas top with Green PVC base. Then we decided ... read more

Custom Gun Bags

12th September 2019
Hot of the sewing machine. Naomi has made another batch of Gun Bags for the showroom. One of these bags was made for a client's oversized gun and stenciled with his name. For all your personalised products your very welcome to visit our showroom to discuss your needs. 1306 Long Swamp Rd, Armidale. ... read more

Baby Change Satchel

6th September 2019
A new product for the Overseer team. This design came from a customers request. It a leather change wallet. Folds up and worn as a satchel. It has two change mats that attach by press stud to the leather and can be popped off for the wash. Another Custom made product manufactured here in our Saddle ... read more

6 Saddles for the Polocrosse World Championship

12th April 2019
Here are six new Overseer Saddles just off the productions line. After months of manufacturing Jason can finish the week on a high. All these saddles are heading out to Polocrosse players around Australia. Some of these saddles will be proudly used at the 2019 Polocrosse World Cup next week in Warwi ... read more

Custom Saddle Gear Bags

5th April 2019
A day on the sewing machine for Naomi. Louise from Mittagong is heading overseas with her saddles and saddlery equipment. Louise has gone all out to purchase six customised matching Gear Bags to travel. Naomi designed and manufactured these bags to match the owners theme colours. We wish Louise ... read more

Custom Made Ute Bag

8th March 2019
Another Custom made product manufactured here in our Saddlery in Armidale, NSW. Heading out to Robbie from Wyndham, VIC. Robbie ordered an ex-large UTE BAG for his ute, he wanted to construct his own frame for the inside of the bag. Robbie contacted Naomi by phone, together they discussed what alte ... read more

Plier Pouch

16th November 2018
Here is Jack designing and constructing our New product - Plier Pouches in two sizes. Designed to wear on your belt as you work. Large quantities in the showroom ready to go! Great for a Christmas gift. View Product ... read more

Counter-lined Fender Saddles

21st September 2018
Two more saddles have been manufactured by The Overseer team. Both are heading to Western Australia for polocrosse players.Both saddles are Counter-lined Fender Saddles, but built different. The first customised his saddle with Jason to be rigged with Charcoal Overseer stirrup Irons. While the secon ... read more

New Fender Saddles

7th September 2018
A Great Week at The Overseer Saddlery Here are two new Felt Lined FENDER Saddles heading out of the workshop. Both saddles are the exact model and size for cousins Jim Grills of Holbrook and Jock Grills of Armidale. Both young men play Polocrosse and have customised there Fender Saddles with Jason ... read more

PVC Truck Canopy

20th August 2018
Here is the Overseer Team in action manufacturing a PVC truck canopy for RED RUSH CATTLE STUD in Armidale. The Canopy was customised to match the truck and clients requirements. Give us a ring at The Overseer Saddlery and let us measure and fit out your truck. Contact Us ... read more

Overseer Felt Lined Fender Saddle No: 761

18th May 2018
Jason has just completed another Overseer Felt Lined Fender Saddle No: 761. The saddle is heading to Moree to a repeat client who also has Saddle No: 164 made December 1997. Twenty years later, she has purchased her second Overseer saddle. We did ask if she would trade her original saddle back to ... read more

6 Custom Made Saddles For Christmas

18th December 2017
The Overseer Team has delivered again. They have just completed six new custom designed Overseer Saddles for Christmas presents. The Saddles are heading to their new owners in Holbrook, Armidale, two for Nevertire and two for Guyra. ... read more

Fender Counter Lined to New Zealand

9th June 2017
We finished these two custom made saddles today, heading out to their new owners. Both Saddles are "The Overseer Fender - Counter Lined" One to Rockhampton and the other New Zealand. ... read more

Headed to the Simpson Desert

8th June 2017
Four of these double swag bags are for the one family. Each member of the family has a swag bag for their belongings, canvas swag, plus their clothing. They chose four different colours to identify the family member. They will all pack their own bags. They will soon be lying on the sand looking at ... read more