Angora Herd for Mohair Noil

23rd Jul 2018

Have a peek at this! To keep up the mohair in the Overseer Saddles we have had to adopt 28 Goats from our neighbour supplying the saddlery Mohair. They are very quirky, intelligent and agile. We are sure they will fit into our farming landscape.

Mohair Noil is an essential part of the Overseer hair lined Stock Saddles. It packs smoothly and doesn’t felt like other products. We have used this Mohair consistently for the last twenty years without fail. The Mohair will consistently pack down more in the front of your saddle where the riders weight is, this could take 6-12 months. Then the saddle requires what we call at The Overseer Saddlery a top up – meaning we would add more Mohair over the top without disturbing the original Mohair. This will lift the front of your saddle putting the rider back on balance and the saddle carrying weight for its whole length, as it did when it was new.

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