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Australian Stock Saddle Museum Saddle Stands

19th October 2017

This week at the Overseer Saddlery, we have been commissioned by Michael Drapac to build 10 beautiful 4-tier saddle stands on castors for the Australian Stock Saddle Museum in Romsey, Melbourne. Jason and Naomi sealed the computer-shaped Western Red Cedar boards three times. These boards attach to the metal stands to carry the weight of the saddles for many years to come. The boards, designed by Jason to replicate the shape of a horse's back, allow the hair-lined stock saddles to sit uncompromised. At the Museum, these stands will house 40 saddles for exhibition and they maneouvre easily on their castors. We have also supplied 10 white fibreglass stands and next week will leather-wrap five saddle stands for Michael’s use.

4 Tier Saddle Stand

Western Red Cedar Boards

Leather Covered Saddle Stands

Fibreglass Stands