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Autumn 2024 on The Farm

14th March 2024

Autumn has just arrived at ‘The Gums’ Armidale with the 30 degrees temperatures just finished and the atmosphere has changed to the cooler nights and fresh mornings. We find ourselves in a fortunate position of having lots of feed going into winter. With a dry start to the summer and a late start to the growing period, the grasses all tried to go to seed very early, to counteract this we sped up the grazing rotation and mulched the seed head after the cows had grazed with the intention of keeping the plants in stage two growth with maximum leaf and lots of photosynthesis. Now the season has changed we are preparing our Autumn applications to assist the biology in our soils to do their job. We will be applying biological sprays, such as Biocast. We will also apply food sources such as fish, molasses and sea minerals and also be applying our composted manure blend over the whole property.

The baldy heifers that we calved out last year have done an exceptional job on their calves. The steers calves are averaging 300 kgs and the Heifer calves 290 kgs. The health of the whole herd and the weight gains achieved we consider is the result of having healthy well managed pastures and minerally balanced soils. We have set the conditions for the biology, fungi and the whole soil food web to produce minerally dense plants.

View the videos below to see Jason talk on our pastures March 2024.