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Autumn at The Farm

26th May 2021

At "The Gums" we have experienced a beautiful 12 months on the farm where the seasons were true and the pastures and life on the farm truly got to reach their potential. Our energy over the last months has gone into feeding the soil. We have used three methods to achieve our goals. Firstly we mulched the tall dry grass through the Autumn to stimulate new growth. The grasses and clovers have responded very well. Secondly we have concentrated on feeding the biology using the spray rig, giving them their Autumn winter stimulus of Biocast, fish hydrolase, molasses and silicone. Thirdly we are keeping up with our soil correctives by ground spreading our compost and trace element blend.

We have also planted some multi species crops with our oats. The planting is up and out of the ground. All seeds were inoculated with Biocast at planting. The seeds were purchased through Meredith seeds Armidale, where John and I have been developing seed mixes that work in the New England area. The mixes that we have trialed have been up to 21 species per mix and adapted for spring or autumn. The mixes that we have developed have species that give you biomass and root depth to help restore your soil. Visitors to our saddlery have noticed the visual difference in our farming compared to the district, leading our saddlery clients asking questions of our soil testing and consulting business.


Dam Levels

Compost Pile