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Bees at The Gums

17th March 2022

Since late last year we have introduced bees into our eco system. The bees have proven to be happy with the conditions here at The Gums. The bees have provided us with some extraordinary flavours from the various pastures and tree blossom around the farm. Our family friend Campbell has set up his bee’s here and he provides us with a supply of Honey to sell at The Overseer Saddlery. This is just another part of the holistic view here at The Gums. We are happy to boast the interactions between our life and our land. Everything is included here at The Gums, we manage our land to enhance life. From killing our our meat, running a vegie patch, chooks, mohair, sheep, cattle, dogs, horses, rare birds to the native wildlife. We manage the whole eco system to the benefit of all that calls The Gums home.