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29th March 2018

It was wonderful to spend the day with Lee Fieldhouse from BIOCAST earlier this month.  Lee shared his knowledge of soils and biological bio-stimulants with us. We are now stocking Lee’s product for distribution on the Tablelands. To help clients understand how a liquid vermicast bio-stimulant is different to worm wee, worm tea, worm juice and worm leachate etc; it is made from a fully finished worm cast and extracted in a controlled environment with set amounts of cast, water and extraction time. Using this method, he gets more stable and replicable results. Every week, the same compost from the same ingredients and the same amount of time is fed to the worms, this helps the product turn out to be a consistent product. Other worm products add more water to get more product and dilute the end result. Biocast contains both bacteria and fungi and a wide range of enzymes and plant stimulating hormones. Through extensive testing of Biocast, the product is fungally dominant and five times higher in total micro-organisms than standards suggest. The product is also very high in nutrients held within the microbes, showing the product has a good range of solubilisers of all minerals. Testing also shows high levels of beneficial protozoa which most microbial products tend to ignore. At Overseer Agriculture, we have used these products on several different farms and soils with outstanding results.