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Farm News Autumn 2022

10th March 2022

It’s been an extraordinary season in the New England, we have seen wonderful pasture growth over the season and the tree health has improved, the birds are rejoicing, in fact the whole eco system is humming. The recovery from the drought is beyond expectations, with all the dams full and over flowing, the underground water table now replenished and “The Gums” is looking a picture of health.

Although our efforts are restricted with the wet paddocks we have managed to mulch during the summer months to keep the pasture growth in stage two. Our soil is showing wonderful biological activity, as when we mulch the organic matter has humified very rapidly. The multi species crops that we have planted in the last few years have now settled to a perennial pasture. All the annual species have completed their tasks by adding biomass and breaking up compacted soils. The multi species paddocks are now a permanent pasture that is flourishing in the conditions we have set.

The Autumn conditions we are experiencing this year are exactly what we would chose if we could order it. In the coming months we will be heading into winter with a huge bulk of feed, we are running trade cattle and will be calving out heifers.