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Feeding the Soil

9th September 2020

The early spring at "The Gums" is showing very positive results. Although dams are still low the pastures are thick with plant species. We are still low on stock numbers because of low dam water but we have decided the extra rest on plants is a huge seed bank and the whole process will feed the soil, build carbon and make nutrients available to build residence back to each paddock.

Jason has been busy mulching some paddocks with the flail mower to stimulate growth and has started spreading the 400 tonne brewing pile in the spreader truck to feed the soil. The pile shown in the video is a combination of soil amendments and manures. The video shows you how we combine the ingredients and inoculate with biological stimulants and biology. As soon as rain arrives hopefully later in September we will start on applying biological liquids in the spray rig to stimulate biological activity on the pastures. Our efforts are rewarded producing mineral dense pastures.