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Indian Saddle Rip-Off

15th September 2017

Where is your gear from? Is it safe?

Michael Drapac, an Australian businessman who is building an Australian Stock Saddle Museum in Romsey, Melbourne is pursuing fraudulent practices in the Saddle making industry. Michael is funding a federal court case to stop the importation of copies of the Australian Stock Saddles from overseas countries.

Twelve months ago, when we met Michael, “The Overseer Junior Stock Saddle” had its intellectual property (image) stolen off our web site and placed on eBay by an Indian saddle company for sale. Michael Drapac purchased this saddle off eBay and of course “The Overseer” saddle didn’t arrive, instead an inferior copy arrived.

Read more of our report here from Master Saddler Jason Simmons:

Saddle Report [PDF]