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Interesting Soil Facts

13th March 2017

Some interesting facts and figures! 

  • There are lots of animals out there starving with a full bell
  • Many ailments we see in our livestock are simple mineral deficiencies
  • Half the breeding is in the feeding
  • 85% of farm decisions are made on free advice from a salesperson
  • Soil nutrition is all about balance
  • Minerals leach from the land to the ocean
  • Mineral density is crucial to food quality
  • Mineral density in our foods has declined by about 60% since 1960
  • A simple lack of iodine can block the uptake of any other mineral
  • Start treating the cause of your problems, not just the symptoms
  • You are setting the conditions on your farm
  • The conditions you set determines what grows
  • Plants grow on a nutritional scale
  • Weeds don’t just appear, the conditions have been set for them
  • Soil is a series of living processes that all have a balance to work well together
  • If your soil is not nutritionally balanced, your plants won’t be
  • If your plants are not nutritionally balanced, your animals won’t be
  • If the food we eat as humans is not nutritionally balanced, then we won’t be either
  • We must set the conditions for what we want to happen