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Quorum Sensing Masterclass with Dr Christine Jones

19th September 2018

Last week we hosted a Quorum Sensing Masterclass with Dr Christine Jones here at “The Gums”. The day came about through a discussion with three couples Jason & Naomi Simmons, Lock & Heather McPhie and Lee and Kirsty fieldhouse.

Together we organised and ran the event. We all had a burning desire to have Christine answer some specific questions about how biology and plants communicate. We decided the most efficient way to learn about this subject was to cover one topic in one day. The term Masterclass came about after the event, we realised the interest that was created and the outcomes that where provided for the invited group about a specific topic. We now know that we have the ability to provide more Masterclasses for people who are seeking a higher level of learning on all manner of subjects. The days are designed around just covering costs, not making profits. The cost of future days will vary depending on speakers and attendees.

We would really like to thank Dr Christine Jones for making the effort to educate a private group of interested people in the subject of Quorum Sensing. Hopefully in the future we will have Christine back to talk on other subjects. These Masterclasses aren’t designed to be a how to day, they are designed to investigate the finer details of how specific subjects interact. The subjects & educators of future Masterclasses will be decided by the couples.

Also thank you to all the participants of the first Masterclass, we hope you all enjoyed the subject and Dr Christine Jones.