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Spring on the Farm 2021

10th September 2021

Spring has well and truly happened this year due to our efforts after the drought. This winter we carried a growing body of clover, rye grass and many other species right through the season. We have purchased cattle earlier in the year, they aren’t our magnificent cows we bred but they are showing the same signs of health and growth on our pastures. The cattle we purchased in the Autumn have averaged a daily weight gain of 1.3 kgs per day over the cold season. It shows that minerally dense pastures gives you not only good health but good weight gains. 

Jason & Naomi have already applied their soil amendments for the spring. This year our soil amendments have become quite simple, we only required an application of Sulphur and Boron, as our cations are now balanced. We are simply just tweaking our system. We have also just completed our biological food sources and our biology application for the spring. We have sprayed the whole farm with brews that we have developed over the years. Biocast is a big part of our Autumn and Spring applications, as well as food sources for the biology and fungi such as molasses and fish.