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Winter 2022 on the Farm

15th June 2022

Autumn was a beautiful season and has set us up with feed going into Winter. The cold season has hit with big frosts and very cold winds. The pastures still look great, with clovers still growing and tall grass cover protecting the under story. We have calved the trade heifers that we purchased and they are now on the market for sale as we get ready for our next cattle trade. We have also accepted some agistment cattle from the Grafton floods and some dairy cows from the extreme wet in Dorrigo. These cattle are planned to be here over the winter to give other farms a break.

We are consulting with clients with our soil chemistry testing and advisory service, with all commodity prices up, clients are looking to correct their soils while they have the income. Although availability of products and extreme wet conditions are hindering their efforts, the seasons will turn and in time conditions will change. The people that have gathered the information will be ready to act on their plans.