Green Manure Crop combined with Pasture Cropping.

08th Mar 2018

On our farm “The Gums” we are renovating a tired paddock next to our yards. This paddock gets over grazed constantly and is used as a sacrifice paddock when handling animals. We first chisel ploughed the paddock and green manured the existing pasture with biological sprays. Four weeks later we then planted millet seed, cow peas and vetch in the middle of December. In early February the crop had matured enough to mulch as you can see in the three photos. We mulched down to a height of approximately 40 cms with a Flail mower. Four weeks later the crop has regrown and is now producing a seed head. Our plan in the coming weeks is to wait for the seed to mature, then we will mulch again with the Flail mower to ground level. We will then pasture crop into the stubble with oats and a variety of pasture seeds. We will update this process with more photos. 

We would like to express no chemical was used during this process. We use biological sprays to enhance the break down of green matter into the soil. The whole process is to feed the soil, build carbon, make nutrient available and build resilience back into this paddock. The plant material will not be removed from the paddock via grazing or baling, it will all be returned to the soil and mineral cycle to establish a strong and viable pasture for many years to come.

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