Green Manure Crop Update

29th Mar 2018

Here we are again on our green manure paddock as we told you we would keep you updated. Our plan is constantly changing, from our last post we indicated we would wait for the millet seed to mature, but we decided against that because too much energy would be then stored in the seed. So on the 11 march we decided to put the flail mower back on the paddock and mulch it to ground level. At this point, we need to realise we have put with both mowing’s 2 metres of leaf litter back onto the surface of the soil. Straight after the mowing we sprayed the paddock with our Biological spray once again. The soil is now so biological alive that we are seeing the material humify at a rapid rate.  We do expect to be able to plant into this paddock in approximately three weeks. The millet  is already regrowing again, which we hope not to mulch the third time, hopefully the season we shut the millet down on its own. 

Our next post we will be planting this paddock with oats and pasture seed. We will update you all again.

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