Overseer Agriculture

Are you implementing best management practices yet still going backwards? Are you looking for change? Frustrated with educated sales people who still promote the moron (more on) approach to agriculture? 

If your goal, like ours, is to have an economically viable farm, growing minerally dense and nutritious pastures and foods in a healthy and ethical way - and have fun doing it - you have come to the right place! 

Getting started is as easy as a soil test. But not just any soil test. I send your soil samples to a independent, reputable laboratory, to gather the information required to make the correct decisions.

You, the farmer or grazier, are the person most in touch with your property and its environment, and therefore best qualified to make the big decisions. 

But let’s face it: The farmer’s job description includes soil scientist, vet, plumber, builder, mechanic, economist, salesperson, futures expert, environmentalist, climatologist; just to name a few, and noone can be an expert at everything. 

And that’s where I may be able to help. 

I’ve been studying soil, chemistry, hydrology, biology, animal nutrition and grazing practices since the mid-1990’s. Over the years, I’ve trialled a wide range of ideas and products on our own farm, “The Gums“. Some failed, some did well, and some produced results which amazed us. 

Our soils are now rich in colour and producing pasture with exceptional nutritional value. We’ve dramatically increased our carrying capacity and are achieving excellent weight gains on our livestock.

And now I’d like to help you to do the same.