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Ute Bags

The Ute-Bag is designed for everybody who needs to secure their load.

This compactable bag can be stored behind your seat, bring it out to store anything you want to keep clean and dry. The Ute-Bag is weather and dust proof. It can be locked for security.

The UTE BAG has a curviture zip on three sides with two zip slides, the slides come back to the center of the bag to be locked at a dee. The zip provides easy access to your bag. 

Made from heavy weight P.V.C  its fully washable. Custom built to any measurement to meet your personal requirements.

Going Camping- its ideal. Heading out on the trail bikes-everything can be secure. Now you can fit in the shopping, school bags or stock feed on your load. Just dont think its for the outside of your vechical, by placing in the rear of your 4WD you can protect your carpet and keep odour inside the bag. The list is endless.