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Pack Saddle

The Overseer pack saddle features a swivel tree allowing a much improved fit to all shapes of horses. The saddle is made of light weight but durable materials.

A lot of thought and design has been put into this saddle, combining modern ideas and traditional methods to produce a superb, modern pack saddle. 

The Overseer pack saddle is fully mounted and ready to pack. It includes:

  • Swivel tree and panel
  • Britching
  • Pack saddle bags
  • Pack tarp
  • Saddle cloths
  • Webbing surcingle
  • Pack cinch girth

Pack Saddle bags are made from highly durable canvas lined with PVC. The back of the bag is leather, giving a sturdy but washable bag.

Each bag measures (in mm): 560W x 470H x 180D.

Pack tarps are made from rip stop canvas, reinforced in each corner with eyelets. It measures 1200mm x 1800mm.

Pack saddle cloths are made from woollen lining with a pull cord to wrap around your panel. They are easy to put on and off to wash, saving your panel from a lot of sweat.

Pack saddle cinch girth the pack comes standard with rigging set up, but we can swap to girth points.

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